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Genius Hour 2 – My Final Post (maybe)

I’ve decided to make cupcakes for the class to go along with my presentation. I feel it can really help me out and make the whole presentation a bit less awkward if everyone gets something out of it. I think… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour 2 – Week 11

I completed my final project this week and I am so unbelievably happy at how it turned out. It looks great, it tastes great, just everything about it is beautiful. I chose to attempt a wedding cake, but I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour 2 – Week 9

This week I wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone. I saw a picture online of an island cake that used jello as water. I tried and failed miserably. I made it a bit better afterwards… Continue Reading →

Genious Hour 2 – Week 8

So far, I am somewhat on track. I have some ideas for the cakes I want to make moving forward, and I have also started on my presentation. The decoration part of my project is going slowly, but I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour 2 – Week 7

This week I had my first really bad experience. I’m a bit ashamed to talk about it but we have to include our failures. I used a pre-made cake mix from a box and thought it would work the same…… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour 2 – Week 6

I decided to skip a week after the last cake I made, because this requires a lot of ingredients and time to make. I also am choosing to scratch the idea for the angel food cake, because there’s a few… Continue Reading →

Genious Hour 2 – Week 4

This week I made another fairly simple cake. It was a devil’s food cake with a chocolate ganache for the frosting. I really enjoyed making this one because the recipe was nice and easy, and it turned out pretty good…. Continue Reading →

Genius Hour 2 – Week 2

This week I made a fairly simple cake. It was pretty small and was just vanilla with vanilla icing. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture, but it was definitely not my best work anyways so it’s fine. I’m thinking… Continue Reading →

Genious Hour 2 – Week 1

I have decided to go with cake decorating. I’m going to also do the painting on the side just incase I change my mind, but I don’t think that I will. I like the idea of cake making/ decorating because… Continue Reading →

Genious Hour 2 – Planning

I’m in between ideas right now. I think I want to either do cake decorating, or try different methods of textured painting. I think that I’m likely going to go with cake decorating, becasue I think that there’s more freedom… Continue Reading →

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